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Lorry Rental / Truck Rental Singapore

With A&L truck leasing, you get full service and you get best-in-class maintenance that unlocks the full potential of your leased vehicle while maximizing uptime, lowering transportation costs, and keeping your business moving. 

Why choose our lorry rental in Singapore

You get the vehicle that fits your business requirements with flexible terms, financing, and value-added services. Performed by our certified technicians, A&L lorry leasing service provides you with bumper-to-bumper maintenance to keep your fleet running efficiently, ensure compliance and identify issues to prevent breakdowns. We strive to get you back on the road quickly wherever you are. Our lorry rental and leasing offers the most comprehensive range of commercial vehicles ranging from 10 ft truck to 24 ft lorries.

With our fleet of well maintained 10 ft truck to 24 ft lorries transporting any type of goods is definitely not a problem. You can choose from our large variety of well-maintained vehicle or lorry that matches your needs. Our company is able to offer one of the best lorry and truck leasing services in Singapore and these commercial vehicles can be rented for either short term or long term use.

Furthermore, we strive to offer you the cheap lorry rental in Singapore so you will have lesser burden on your business. Depending on the size of the lorry and the type of service you need, we have a variety of packages that are affordable and can suit different budgets. Call us at 63627228 to check out our cheap lorry rental rates or visit the commercial vehicle rental rates pages to find out more about the prices for alternative vehicles.

Prices for the lorry / truck rental vary for weekly, monthly or yearly time periods. Drop us an email at leasing@anl.sg so that we can provide you with a competitive quotation for the lorry of your choice.

Our Rates for Lorry Leasing in Singapore

Daily Rates: $95/day - $120/day - $240/day
Monthly Rates:  $1350/month   - $1750/month   - $2650/month  
6-month & above lease:  $1350/month $1390/month
$1550/month $1870/month
1-year & above lease: $1270/month $1370/month
$1500/month $1770/month

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