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Thinking to establish or expand your business by getting cheap van rental in Singapore? Our company is definitely your best choice since we have the wide range of auto van rental fleet and professional team to provide you support at any time.

Why consider to rent a van?

Pros of Van rental

Predictable monthly costs and low deposit when you are taking up a lease agreement. There are also lower maintenance and repair costs for your vans when you lease them instead of owning one. Flexible leasing terms in the event of upgrading or change of business plans and all you have to do in simply hand them back to your leasing company. Furthermore, you will not need to need to worry about depreciation costs each year for your rental van. We have a wide range of models available consists of popular makes and models, all available for you to choose.

Cons of Van rental

Maintenance costs or upkeeping of your own van increases over time due to every day’s wear and tear taking its toll on the van. In due course, it will cost you money to repair the van. Maintaining them to the level where they can give value to your business is a risk, due to their losing value the older the van gets. Selling of your van may not guarantee a profitable return in some cases. Financing your own van will limit the number of vans available to you, depending on your budget. Higher monthly payments will be a factor to consider if your company have a budget.

Anl Leasing have the largest range of truck, lorry and van fleet and we can offer customers great and cheap van rental deals either for businesses or personal usage. And

To find out more about van leasing with us, simply drop us an email at or give us a call at 63627228.

Our Rates for Van Leasing in Singapore

Daily Rates: $95/day - -
Monthly Rates: $1350/month - -
6-months & above lease:   $1050/month   $1300/month $1390/month
1-year & above lease: $980/month $1270/month *promotion   $1370/month

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