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Double Cab Rental Singapore

Double Cab rental services are popular with people and businesses that need long and short-term transportation in Singapore. Thanks to this rental service, you don't have to own a personal car to experience a private ride. In the Singaporean market, we are one of the rental companies that can really give exceptional services.

Why choose Double Cab Rental services?

Double cab rental is for individuals and companies seeking more than just a form of transportation as it is the type of service that provides an opportunity to transport cargo and passengers at the same time. Unlike other types of vans, double cab pick up is a vehicle that can be utilized for transporting a certain quantity of cargo plus a few numbers of passengers. It is ideal for clients who want an easy loading of goods. So, if you think you will need a car both for your cargoes and passengers, don't hesitate to inquire about our double cab pick up rental.

Features of Double Cab Pick Up

Here are some of the best features of this vehicle that might convince you to avail of this service.


The vehicle is always ready for a wild ride. It can be used every day and it guarantees a successful ride. It is reliable and always ready to provide you a quite enjoyable ride.


Its equipment and functions are unique. This type of car provides comfort to drivers and passengers.


In terms of brake and slowing down of the vehicle, the forward collision mitigation system of the double cab pick up does the work. It elevates the brake fluid so to make the brake system more efficient and reduce the possibility of collision.


This is an additional system that provides drivers more control of the vehicle. The anti-lock bracking system has 4 sensors and 4 channels for more immediate response.


Last but not least, the misacceleration mitigation system of this vehicle is a big help when parking so to avoid a collision. Engine output is also automatically controlled if you happen to suddenly accelerate by accident.

The engine output control activates in the following circumstances:

  • - If you are driving at very low speeds (not in N or P position)
  • - If there is an obstacle/vehicle is within a short distance
  • - When the accelerator pedal is pushed hard or abruptly
  • - If driver is not turning to avoid obstacle/vehicle

Why rent with us?

We offer services free of road tax, insurance, servicing, and maintenance fees. Assistance is also available all the time, whether daytime or night time. In case you need a replacement during lorry servicing in Singapore, we also provide that for you. Plus, professional advisors are always ready to give you advice on how you can solve issues during an accident.

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